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What Is The Principle Of Anti Blue Light Glasses
Release Time: 2023-09-11 14:26  Reading: 174

With the rapid development of information technology and digitization in contemporary society, more and more people need to use electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones for a long time every day. The blue light emitted by these devices can cause certain damage to the eyes.

The generation of blue light resistant glasses is to reduce the harm caused to us by the blue light generated by these electronic products.

A large number of experimental studies have found that shortwave blue light is the most energetic light in visible light, resulting in its strong penetrating power. It can directly penetrate the lens and reach the macular area of the eye fundus, causing chain damage to the eyes. Anti blue light glasses need to prevent blue light from mobile phones, computers, and LED lights.

But many people are still full of doubts about anti blue light glasses:

Why can anti blue light glasses have the effect of preventing blue light?

Can anti blue light glasses really protect your eyes?

Can anti blue light glasses really protect your eyes?

The first answer is yes, anti blue light glasses can effectively block harmful blue light from entering the fundus of the eye, greatly alleviating eye discomfort symptoms such as visual fatigue. In addition, anti blue light glasses can also prevent the occurrence of eye diseases such as dry eye and retinal degeneration.

How do anti blue light glasses prevent blue light?

At present, anti blue light lenses are divided into two categories: reflective anti blue light and absorbent anti blue light.
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