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There Are Two Different Technologies For Anti Blue Light Glasses
Release Time: 2023-09-11 14:18  Reading: 181

With the popularization of electronic products, blue light damage has gradually entered people's vision in recent years.

Blue light is a part of sunlight and also exists in the electronic devices we use. Long term exposure to the blue light emitted by the screen can penetrate the lens of the eye and directly reach the macular area, causing pathological damage, which may lead to problems such as eye fatigue, dryness, and decreased vision. This is known as blue light damage.

Considering the dependence of modern people on electronic products and their prolonged use, blue light resistant glasses have become increasingly necessary. But how to choose anti blue light glasses has also become a major challenge for consumers.

Anti blue light glasses can alleviate the irritation of blue light to the eyes. Specialized anti blue light glasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet and radiation, and can filter blue light, making them suitable for use when watching computers or TV phones. There are two types of anti blue light technologies, one is reflective anti blue light, and the other is absorption anti blue light.

Reflective anti blue light mainly adopts film technology, which covers the surface of glasses with a layer of high reflectivity anti blue light film. This will reflect back harmful radiation such as ultraviolet and shortwave blue light in the external environment, reducing the probability of these blue lights entering the eyes.

The absorption type anti blue light adopts complementary technology of light, which absorbs high-energy blue light by adding specific dyes and coating treatment, thereby achieving the effect of anti blue light.

Generally speaking, reflective anti blue lenses turn blue; The absorption type anti blue light glasses are yellow in color because the complementary light of blue light is yellow.
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