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Please Choose PC Material For Sports Protective Lenses
Release Time: 2023-09-11 14:42  Reading: 617

What is special about C material lenses? What is the difference between it and the resin lenses used in our common myopia glasses?

PC lenses are a common type of eyeglass lens material made of polycarbonate material, also known as cosmic lenses or space lenses. Due to its excellent performance as a thermoplastic material, PC resin is particularly suitable for making eyeglass lenses.

The lenses made of PC material have two significant characteristics:

1. Strong impact resistance

PC lenses have very high strength and stiffness. They are more impact resistant than many other lens materials and can effectively protect the eyes from external impacts and debris. This makes PC lenses very popular in certain special environments, such as sports, outdoor activities, and workplaces that require additional safety protection.

2. Lightweight texture

Although PC lenses have high strength, they are still lighter in weight compared to resin lenses, reducing the burden on the wearer and providing a more comfortable wearing experience. Of course, this is only relative. Compared to glass lenses, resin lenses are also much lighter!

The optical performance of PC lenses is not as good as that of resin lenses.

In terms of transparency, resin lenses have better transparency, can effectively transmit light, and provide clearer visual effects. Therefore, myopia lenses with higher optical performance requirements generally use resin lenses.

Therefore, although PC lenses and resin lenses are excellent eyeglass lens materials, their characteristics, uses, and advantages vary, and it is necessary to choose the most suitable lens material based on personal needs and professional advice.
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